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New World Disorder | The Gold Box


The Gold Box was crafted with the Die Hard NWD fan in mind. Not holding anything back we decided to give you an insane value of a $100 BUT only pay $49.99 a month!

This is a reoccurring payment and you will receive a new box EVERY month packed full of new appeal!


Could include up to these 3 items with a value of $100.

- Any T-Shirt (Tank Top, Long Sleeve, etc.)

- Any Hoodie or Seasonal Item

- Any Accessory (Beanies, Socks, Lanyards, etc.)


This is a reoccurring payment that will come out every month.

No refunds or returns.

Any sizes 2x and above are not available in Subscription box.

2x and up available on regular purchases.

The Gold Box

  • 1st Month Box: (1 Hoodie, 1 T-shirt, any Lanyard & any Accessory!)

    2nd Month Box: (2 T-Shirts, any Hat, Pins, Facemasks, & any Accessory!)

    3rd Month Box: (Any Hat, 2 Hoodies, any Accessory!)

    Every box will be a different assortment each month! 

    This means you will receive the full $100 value of the box in a different way each time!

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